Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catching up and going into Feb 2009

The first photo is a partial view of our Chinese New Year celebration...We had fireworks!!!

Last night we hosted a birthday party for Penny who turns 12 on Feb 1..her first birthday party it seems! Even though i had pizza for all 12 kids they all wanted noodles and rice...go figure :)

Claude and I went to the flooring store today and ordered the flooring for the great room. A nice warm honey brown hardwood...will be nice I think up against the tile. We also ran thru the grocery store and a furniture store while we were "on our own" for a couple of hours...we both have a touch of sore throats and sinus...we all need sunshine so bad! Maybe it would help the crabby moods at our house too....yes even the Coats residence has the crabbies!

Last week our social worker was here for Penny's six month home visit. Amazing that it has already been six months! she has gained almost (much needed) 22 pounds in that time! One thing I tell people is not to buy to many clothes at first when getting home...the children grow so fast you can hardly keep up the clothing supply!

We are currently waiting for pre-approval for our second "waiting" daughter in China. I should be coming thru soon although I know all of China is currently shut down for Chinese New Year. This time all of the paperwork will be in duplicate....each time I travel I stress so over all of this paperwork and now that part will be doubled! I guess I will be thankful that my son Eric is a cosmetologists and can keep me appearing young! Wash away the grey....but even the handling part of the paperwork is enormous...

Please say a prayer for all of those nationwide that have been hit with the power outages from the winter storm. Ruthi

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Linda said...

Ruthi - CONGRATULATIONS! When I thought you were saying that you were doing paperwork for a 2nd child, I went back and read the older posts. How wonderful! I really admire you and your husband. The 8 year old daughter we brought home in September 2007, had the EXACT same weight and height! (I hope you know where to buy the really skinny jeans!!)