Monday, June 23, 2008

It was a hammock kind of a weekend!

This weather for us here has jest been great! The girls swam all weekend and yesterday they sat with Claude a bit outside before carrying on with other things to do. We sing praises of all sorts for times like this!
Our discussions this weekend included so many things. Vicky kept reminding me in a "secret" way with whispers that she really hopes Li comes in July. So do we baby! She and Claude spent a lot of time at the computer looking up girls names. Kate spent the weekend bossing the other two around and Addie mastered the pool! She has never been very comfortable in the pool as she has no hearing in the water....this weekend though she mastered it. She is even doing flips under water and jumping off the side all the time screaming Mama watch! I love it!
We are praying for travel approval to arrive this week..... we are packed, visas will be here in a week, and I am ready. We also pray for her to know that we are a good family and will love her forever and for her transition time to be easy for her. Please pray with us.
We saw a show last night, on the National Geographic channel about the little girl that was born in India with 8 limbs. The girls watched and had so many questions. I used it as another opportunity to talk about how people can be born looking different than what we consider "normal" and even was able to explain about the cells splitting to create a baby and how when the cell that has the heart, kidneys and ears split that sometimes there is a little burp in the process and maybe the ears look different too...just like theirs. This is where the Microtia comes in. They really seemed to understand all of this and handled it really well.
For the trip this time i requested that we be allowed to visit the city that we adopted Addie from and we have received permission to go and to meet with the orphanage etc. I have been collecting toys, vitamins, clothes etc to take with me for the orphanage. It is going to be a long emotional day, but so worth it! Please keep checking back for updates.

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