Friday, June 27, 2008

I have to scream out to someone that we finally have travel approval! There is soon going to be an 11 year to sleep in the new bed that is standing empty in the girls room! We will know by next Tues or Wed our travel dates. We have requested leaving on the 18th to meet with a family from the East coast who is adopting a little girl age 6 who is in foster car with our daughter to make it easier on the girls. If they cannot get us an appt for that time then we asked to leave sooner. Our Visa’s will be in our hands on Thursday the 3rd so we can leave on the 4th if that was available ! wow! We are about there !!! (oh, the bucket next to the bed is for trash, not being sick….all the girls picked out bright colored buckets, the girls helped me make the bulliten board, and they picked out her pillow )

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