Friday, January 8, 2010

several new posts-sledding first

sorry-you will have to read post after post as I have lots of pictures, etc., to share with you -so here is one titled sledding-Claude bought some new sleds called "TUBS" and they can fit at least three adults! He pulls them with the Mule so to be safe! Otherwise the kids will use them sledding down the hills but they are pretty heavy and I doubt they will be pulling them back up the hills very often! One of the photos shows us on our New Year Day walk along the creek. Gracie wanted to go really bad and rode on the sled the whole time-I was glad she would as the ground was so uneven and the snow was deep-in the picture is Kate pulling her. Morgan has no desire to go outside in this snow and weather so she is not in any of the sledding photos. The young lady in the middle photo is our friend Zoe who had never experienced this sort of cold and only occasionally had been in this deep of snow.

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