Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009

the photos above are top left my sister Carrie and her daughter Jodi-we are so thankful for the both of them helping us so much this fall when Claude had to fly to China unexpectedly and while I was gone, then of Eric and his son Drew, Drew so resembles his dad at that age-then THE tree! We still say thank you to Noah for the gift of the tree (well until we go to take it down) and one of the two dining tables with our approx 35 guests of the day, next of Zoe and of Jodi-I believe Jodi's face indicates she had wanted a t-shirt the same as Zoe got, my chalk board over the kitchen sink (I have found the girls now scanning it thru the week to see what I have noted and they offer suggestions) then of our sweet Kate, posing as usual,
next row on the left is our dear Addie, the tree again (can you tell I enjoyed the tree), then our sweet Gracie, to the left again is Penny playing in the Christmas play band, then to the right is Penny playing Christmas music, then Vicky below her and she also played Christmas music, our grand-daughter Natalie wearing a Christmas bow and showing how tired she was, Kate putting on her chaps for riding the pony and last but not least my dad, Tom and mom Bev (thank you to the both of you for traveling to China again)

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