Friday, February 6, 2015

I noticed that it has been a year since I last updated our blog. So here goes....We brought home Wren age 13 and Lilly in July of 2014. I was so fortunate that our daughters Morgan and Vicky both traveled with me. Also my travel companions were a long time friend Andrea and my niece Brandi. It was a tiring trip but as always we had a good time seeing different areas of China, visiting with Morgan's Foster family, the Andrea and the girls spending a day at an orphanage, We were thankful to arrive home following the three rules our family has while in China, that it is about the adopted child, to stay healthy and hopefully get to see some of China.
Since getting home our household has changed but only in the amount of plates at the table, and saying a few more prayers while the girls all adjusted to a larger family. Currently we have Morgan 18, attending Blackhawk for adult education and hopes to teach English in China, Penny 18 as a Jr in high school (she plans on being in Fashion), Vicky 16 as a sophomore in H.S(she plans on being in Fashion)., Judy 16 wanting to be a math teacher, Kim 15 as a freshman in H.S.(she hopes to be a flower grower), Gracie 14 as an 8th grader in Jr. H.(she has mentioned being in the travel industry), then we have Wren 13 who is home schooled, Addie right at 13 and is in 7th grade, Lilly right at 13 and in 6th grade (she plans on going to Harvard) and Kate 12 and in 6th grade (she plans on being in Science). Claude still works at the local elementary school and his work schedule works well with the girls getting out of school. I still go to work everyday after cooking breakfast for the girls, Claude is in charge of supper time. The rest of this post will be in photos to give you a glimpse of our lives over the last year.
Claude, myself and the girls at Thanksgiving 2014

Penny age 18

Wren sent me a text photo message

Morgan is such a lovely young lady, she also started attending a bible group that is taught in Chinese

Every summer we freeze sweet corn. Truly the girls shuck it, Claude and I blanch it, the girls cut it off and we all pack it...within three hours the winters supply of corn is put up. 

Our Judy. She is the heart of our home. Judy recently also started attending bible study that is taught in Chinese

Kate-all she wanted for Christmas was a horse. Meet Breezy

A rare photo, Claude and I sitting together! But still, notice our kids are in the picture too. A family outing to a rodeo. 

Our seating area-it was not even a painful experience shopping for new couches this time. We took about 5 girls, one store, sat on every couch in the store and ordered three! Perfect experience! 

Lilly in front, Kate in the middle and Wren on back. Our dog in a mini Aussie and her name is Coco.

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