Monday, June 3, 2013

I know, it has been forever since this blog has been updated. So to start where we left off is impossible so let's just start here. This is Vicky and Judy, both age 14. Best friends, forever sisters. Who are they talking to? Their best friend who is still in the orphanage in China. It kills us that she is still there, and why? Only because her paperwork has not been created and sent in to be put up for adoption. At least for now the girls can keep in touch with her on QQ (basically a Chinese Face Book) In the mean time she grows up without a family, sad, sad, sad.

Our Kim age 13 and here almost a year now. (on left) In this year she has grieved, we found she communicated with CSL instead of speaking. That was hard! She has been learning how to hear. That is hard! She is learning how to communicate using her voice. This is very hard! She is also learning about a family, she has been home schooled  this year to get caught up and do all these things. Kim is going to be streamed into public school as well as being home schooled this coming year. She loves to fish, art is a great thing but what a surprise that she loves the violin. So Kim is taking violin lessons and piano lessons on top of all the other learning.
Our Addie (on right) is 11 now and is in 6th grade. Where have the years gone? Addie is my tender heart girl, and as Penny said the other day should work for the FBI as she is our one in the house that can find anything!

 Our latest family photo, again with none of the sons in it (hopefully soon!) but it shows all are doing well. Still with smiles (some demanded, some willing...the usual family photo right?)
This past weekend we were so fortunate to have a double rainbow land over our home. The continued rain (I adopted the attitude thankfully it isn't snow) has not allowed any landscaping to be done after last years addition onto the house. The lake has filled to the point that we have to repair the dry dam and at one point the lake had filled to the point we were worried we would lose the dam. All has held though.
 Our Kate. The picture pretty much sums her up. Still busy, loves the outside, prefers wearing shorts, has joy totally yet can land with both feet right in the middle of your business and pretty much take over. Kate will be entering 5th grade this year...and going on 29 :)
 Vicky has moved out of 8th grade and will be a Freshman this coming school year.

Gracie....can I only say she is a reading machine and has such a dry sense of humor that it sets chuckles rolling out of you. Gracie will be a 7th grader this coming year and I am worried she is going to read every book published. She may have to consider becoming an author so she will have more to read.

We had sweet words sent to us this past week. Our son texted saying "I am in Baltimore, very long flight" Words we have waited a year for after he left for a tour with the Air Force and was stationed in Qater. It is best to be home, and now he is. His family will be relocating over the next few weeks to Denver for their next station of duty.
Another wonderful moment is our son Andy stole the heart of Heidi and her two children. And she said YES to the question of will you marry me. They plan on a 2014 wedding.
Eric and Chelsea are settled in with Drew and Gabby at home. Chelsea has shown the girls eyebrow care and they were even brave enough to try waxing!
Alex and Missy are enjoying the rewards of a large family, hunting and fishing and now softball season has started!
We as a family are so fortunate and we pray for favor everyday. We are blessed to have Cindy, and for the summer also Carrie. That the girls are so good in school and are maturing and learning. That our health is good and that both of our jobs allow us to do for the girls. Thank you for being patient, I will try to do better in updating! Next update will have the other girls not here in pictures!

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