Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Travel approval, Visa's and a picture

In the past we have never shared a photo of our daughters before travel but this time have been told it is ok. I wish that I could copy and paste bits of what I have wrote in the past but neither Facebook or a blog allow that action so I am typing a bit of it all again.

We are adopting TMZ who we have chose the English name of Callie Jo T.M.Z. Coats for. We hope and pray this name is one that she will love forever. This child is the one that welcomed our Vicky into the orphanage by giving her a pair of slippers to shower in and a piece of candy so she would not be scared. This child is the one that dared to always help our Vicky when she needed it, even if there were possible consequences. She is also the one little girl that always wanted to go to America. She said good bye to one friend who went to America and that left our Vicky and TMZ to be best friends and not a threesome. Then when Vicky was adopted this little girl faced telling her best friend good bye as she left Zunyi City to be adopted, to leave her there at the orphanage, and for the friend to go to America. Everything that she wanted....she was so mad and upset that she did not come to tell her friend Vicky good bye. They parted that way almost four years ago. We, thru the Grace of God, thru the Red thread that holds families together, thru government offices answers and thru the adoption agency Madison Adoption Assoc we have been able to get permission to adopt that little girl.
In the photo above on the left is our new daughter Callie Jo Tao Ming Zhu and the photo on the right is our daughter Vicky Tao Ying (on left) holding Tao Ming Zhu's hand. This photo is one of the last times the girls were together.
Today I have sent for Visa's for myself, my sister Carrie, and our two daughters Morgan and Penny. We did, because of a huge paperwork error last adoption, request a Visa for Claude too in case of an emergency again. I feel that since we have that base covered it will guarantee that there will not be an error this time. Add that to your prayer list please? Please also pray that these girls have a wonderful reunion, that the last four years being apart has not separated them. That this 7th adoption of our 7th daughter, who is 7th in the birth order of our 11 children will be completion for them and of our family.
I also want to tell you that I greatly value the small business There's Always Hope who does Visa's, state authentications and Consulate visits in the Chicago area. She does a great job! Thank you again.

Hopefully in February we will have her home. My sister will post for me on the blog while I am gone so you will be able to follow the trip. Please pray for the family that is at home and for Claude to keep his sanity listening to Justin Bieber, and looking at the color of pink :)


China Dreams said...

You are all so lucky! My son had a foster brother that he would love to see again but we don't know enough about him to find him. Hope the reunion goes well for everyone.

Also, you smart lady, you! I had a paperwork problem last time and our guide said, just have your husband fly here, as if it was that simple. I may just follow your lead the next time.


Sharla said...

Ruthi, I am so happy for you and Vicki and all of your family and Callie! What an incredible God story!! Only He could have orchestrated something SO amazing! I will be praying for your journey!


Susan said...

Praying for your new daughter and travel and everything at home to go smoothly. Can't wait to follow along with your updates.

Loli y Rijar said...

Hello! My name is Dolores PĂ©rez. I from Spain. My soon is Yang FeiFei, she was in her orphanage. They were friends and FeiFei is happy to have found her.I have photos of the girls in the school. Our blogg is:

I hope to get in touch.