Friday, October 15, 2010

October update 2010

Today our dossier goes to China for the adoption of our 7th daughter. We have been searching and searching English names. One name we have always liked is Wren. I have found one meaning of the name that sort of sealed us using it-it means part of a large family. TMZ is going to be that! So until we change our minds, or until I get to China to find out different we are calling TMZ Wren. She is our 7th adoption, our 7th daughter and is 7th in the birth order of our 11 children. 7 is completion in the bible and so after I get home from China i plan on going back to wearing a watch on my left wrist instead of a "waiting for my daughter" beaded bracelet.
I want to report that Gracie returned to school half days this week and will go full days starting next-the Dr. report was very good!
We are again in the process of moving around rooms, trying to settle everyone into rooms that maybe serve them better-Morgan is a sleeper and hates noise and would like her own room, Penny appreciates her own room too-so we are dividing with a partial wall a huge bedroom that we have and will put them each into those rooms. Vicky will get the same room she is in but will be with TMZ Wren, and the three little girls will return upstairs to the two rooms up there, Addie and Gracie sharing one and Kate having her own (she needs a lot of sleep).
Morgan is doing very well in school but complains of a C in Algebra. Personally I am thrilled that she even gets it! And she reads a library book at her reading level every night so she can take a AR test the next day! I love it! She has came so far!
Penny is doing grade level work, and has started the 13 year old "arguing" but I feel sure it will stop soon as she just gets another chore added...
Vicky is adjusting to Jr. High very well it seems, she has matured it seems most of the time to her age, but then there are moments that I think not. But hey, I am sure I am the same way.
Gracie is still smiling, and still learning, and loves the cats!
Addie is struggling in math, but has always, but third grade has all new expectations so has to really work harder. There is nothing better than Addie walking up and saying "I gotta give you something" and hugs me.
Kate lost her blankie for two days....I am sure I could close this note on that statement but I do want to report it was found and she did get a good nights sleep last night. Kate is in second grade but we all remind her she is not yet 14.


China Dreams said...

Congratulations on getting over this hurdle! It's a big relief, I'm sure, even while it creates a new kind of excitement.

Desiree' said...

Congratulations, I pray the wait for LOA won't be to long.
Can I use the 7 means completion in the Bible with Kerry?!? I think he will agree :)