Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family update

We posted several several months ago looking for a little girl, from the Zunyi City SWI as we wanted to follow her adoption and be sure our daughter Tao Ying (now Vicky) could stay in touch with her. Since then we have found her! She finally was put on the shared list at the CCAA and our family is adopting her. We received PA and gave in and told Vicky this news last Wed. Her response was over the top! We are all so glad this decision has been made and that we are moving forward with all of the paperwork! I have no idea when we will travel, we are not DTC yet.


Chris said...

Yaay! bring another one home!

Annie said...

Hi. Just saw your post in the Madison group and would love to follow along! Very happy for you all!!

Manette said...

Good Luck and Congratulations... I hope this journey is swift and as beautiful as all the rest (though a bit less hectic than the last one).

LucisMomma said...

That is such an amazing story. I am so happy for all of you, especially Vicky.

Mary Kate said...

How wonderful, Ruthie...You are an inspiration to all of us adoptive parents...You are an amazing family and I am so fortunate I got to meet you at the Chinese New Year
celebration in Peoria this year...I am so looking forward to following you again on your next journey to China. We will be DTC this Friday for our 10 year old daughter!
Mary Kate
Dunlap, IL