Saturday, September 12, 2009

The awaited conversation

Last Saturday after church we went out to eat. As we were all munching away Addie leaned over and asked me "Mama remember when I was in your tummy?" and I just sank...why in a restaurant? So I said "Addie remember you weren't in this mommies tummy?" And I started to go on to have this dear 7 year old interrupt me and ask "So does that still make me a Mammal?" Talk about laughing...I still chuckle a week later...
Please keep Abbie Ault, a young girl from Princeville, in your prayers. She is very ill in ICU in the hospital. Until next time, Ruthi

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Linda said...

Your story touches too close to home. My Ruthie is also 7, and earlier this year, she sat quietly as 10-year-old Joanna asked about her birth mother. When she was finished, Ruthie very hesitantly asked if she had a birth mother too. I said, "Of course, you do, Ruthie. You either had to be born or hatched, and you sure weren't hatched!" I started to smile, but then realized that this was a very real question. She told me that she didn't know that she had been born - she thought she was adopted. This was a great relief to her that she was like everyone else. I knew she never talked about having a birth mom, but I thought she just didn't want to talk about it. I will have to be more careful about this type of thing in the future. ~sigh~