Tuesday, August 11, 2009

nerve wracking paperwork-FedEx in control now

Finally! And as hard as it is to hand over the paperwork in those flimsy cardboard envelopes counting on them to not get caught in a conveyor system or falling off a truck but instead counting on them to be handed to the correct people in perfect condition is what all of us do at this point. We will only have to do this a couple more times before we are finally able to travel to bring home the girls. All of our passports have to be FedEx to get Visa's-so that is two trips in the flimsy cardboard envelopes. Then we have a very formal "Approval for Travel" that will be sent for both girls (one form for each girl) and they will also have several trips in the flimsy cardboard envelopes...we have never had a problem with paperwork and as much as I have been chanting prayers and clenching my jaw I hope we continue with the good luck!
As close as I can tell I believe that God would really be guiding these papers well if we were able to travel in Sept to bring the girls home, humanly I expect to travel the last week of Oct and home the first week of Nov. All in God's time....
We did get updated measurements of the girls. Morgan Xie (Shay) is 5' 2" tall and is 81 1/2 pounds = she is only a bit bigger round than Vicky but is taller than Penny -so think tall and skinny! Gracie Mei Qing (Ching) is 50.4 inches tall and is 52.8 pounds=she is 5 inches taller than Addie(Gracie has grown in the last year!) and is about 4 1/2 pounds more than Addie and Kate...she is about the same around as Addie and Kate so also thin in comparison to her height.
We are very disappointed that we did not get any updated photos of the girls. I think that has been part of the day, a bit down...I have really been wanting to see new pictures.
I am attaching some pictures of the two youngest girls that I took ...just being silly. And a photo of a Wren in the bird house outside of our front door. Please include in your prayers our nephew, he left today for basic training for the Air National Guard. Very very hot in Texas for the training. Will update with a few more posts soon!


martha2 said...

Our prayers are with you about the paperwork arriving safely and in perfect condition. We are so excited to see new pictures too. And more so to meet our new little girls.
I love, love, love the pictures of our Kate and Addie. They are real beauties...so much personality!!!!
We will be praying for your nephew. Is it Will?

martha2 said...

OK so I know you are wondering who is martha 2, It's me vickie. i am on the receptionist computer. I cover for her to go to lunch on Tues. Wed and Thurs.

Karen White said...

I just love reading your blog and following God's love in your family. The girls are such a beautiful blessing. Love, Karen White