Friday, April 10, 2009

Saturday room re-do

Thank you so much to my sister Carrie and friend Vickie for coming and for Vickie bringing HUGE cinnamon rolls from Great Harvest to fortify us while working setting furniture in the room that is finally pretty well done. I was so lucky when Andy called and said the rug was delivered and thank goodness he agreed to be a great son and wrangle it into his to small for the rug car and bring it out here from the office!!! We all agreed it looks great in the room. I found the brown "paisley" chairs at Big Lots and just love them!!! Vickie helped hang the photos of the girls (bear in mind I have to get some more frames the wall is not complete) Vickie suggested I need long drapes to soften the room and Carrie and I agree so the hunt is on for those. And for the large table I have ordered black chairs to go with all in all it is starting to come together! I am going to have us live in the room a bit before deciding on the cabinets to house the t.v. and on that wall will also be some large water colors from China. Thank you again Carrie and Vickie

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Julie said...

Looks beautiful!! I love that wall of close up photos. I may copy you on that one.