Monday, October 13, 2008

Catching up since Sept!

Sorry this has taken so say we are a busy family is an understatement. Right now we are in the midst of corn and soybean fields disappearing and making Kate and I sneeze til we feel like we have no breath left and broken ribs! Claude has added three four-wheelers to our group of toys, the fourth has been ordered since Penny has decided she likes to ride....our son Eric has a 4-wheeler there for his son Drew also so fun is had by all!
Penny we feel has settled into life at the Coats household well. She goes to piano lessons every Tuesday and has to practise every day...she is used to it she has said since she did this in China.
Vicky loves to read and is already hot into acquiring A.R. points plus she out of the girls loves the 4-wheelers and she is having Penny teach her the piano. We told her once she gets the basics down then she can also go for lessons.
Addie is really working well in school and has a giggle friend she plays "office" all of the time, sometimes having you fill out the questionnaire which can be very time consuming!
Kate has had a heavy dose and a devil of a time dealing with hives...finally after seeing an allergist though we think possibly stress from all the changes in such a short time, a new sister, mama in China for two weeks, Gretchen being done and school....that now she is on meds which we hope will make them go away! Kate loves kindergarten and is doing very well!
Our son Kris and his family are here for a couple more has been nice to spend time with them and their daughters Anna and Claudia...
Claude hurt his back at the school one day a few weeks ago and is still suffering from the wrenching that he gave it. I have been praying that is heals soon! I have lots of honey do chores before winter :)

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Linda said...

Welcome back! You can't imagine how many times I have checked for an update and had just about decided that you were no longer posting. The pictures are great and look like loads of fun!